A Berry Wiecked Wedding

I’ve been meaning to get around to writing this blog for some time now, but have been so incredibly busy and I knew I wanted to take my time writing it! October 8, 2017 was the most magical day of our lives. We got married at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, CA, surrounded by the people we love most. We decided on 65 guests total, which in retrospect was SUCH an amazing decision. We wanted the wedding to be intimate and filled with love… and that’s exactly what it was. We look through our photos literally every day, so I thought it’d be fun to share with all of you!

I knew I wanted the invitations to be something special. Our wedding theme was formal, elegant, romantic, and intimate. We had a custom logo made with our initials, in a halo of roses (inspired by my engagement ring!). We also included a translucent overlay wrapped in a delicate twine. The inside of the envelope has a hand-illustrated water color painting of the venue. 

My dress was a gentle trumpet shape with lace accents. When I was first shopping for a dress, I was CONVINCED I was going to end up with a long sleeved dress… clearly I was wrong! 

Tom decided to go with a traditional yellow gold band with milgrain detailing. My wedding ring I obviously designed myself… I wanted a delicate, romantic, slightly vintage feel. 

Getting ready with the girls was one of the highlights of the day. The “calm before the storm”. Luckily, all of my bridesmaids are SUPER chill… they kept me zen! Tom had one of the groomsmen deliver the sparkling rose we’re drinking 🙂

My best friend zipped me into my dress. It was absolutely insane seeing myself all dolled up in the dress. I wanted to look like myself on the day… just a very good version of myself! I was really happy with how the hair, make-up, and dress turned out. 

First look for Dad! For those that know me, you know my dad is my best friend. The father daughter bond is so special, especially for us. He’s my rock, my world, my hero… getting to have a first-look with him was so incredibly special. The look on his face I will never forget!

Mom putting on my day-of present from Tom! These two were very sneaky, and had a pink diamond necklace made for me behind my back. I was ecstatic. It went perfectly with my outfit that day. Well done, guys!

Groomsmen getting ready, hanging out before the ceremony! 

30 min until ceremony at this point… the nerves hadn’t quite kicked in yet!

My full side of the bridal party! I opted to have a “man of honor” instead of a maid of honor, so Bryan got to be on both sides! 

The aisle. We decided from the beginning that we were going to allocate a big portion of the budget to flowers, so we were expecting them to be amazing. However, when I saw how amazing it actually turned out, my jaw dropped. A total dream. 

My dad walked me down the aisle to the song Hallelujah, played on the violin. Obviously, I was doing everything in my power to not completely lose control of my emotions. Before we started walking, I told him I was nervous. He said, “Twinks, you have nothing to be nervous about. You’re going to do great. I’m here. I’ll always be here.” I knew right then that I’d be fine… and like always, he was right!

The ceremony. We decided do traditional vows on the day of. We read our own private vows to each other the night before!

We did it! Officially husband and wife! We also decided to both take each other’s names. We both definitely appreciate tradition, but this is 2017 after all! Keeping my name was really important to me, as my dad’s name otherwise would have ended with me. We are now officially Rachel and Tom Wieck-Berry!

Now time for bridal party pictures. Our bridal party was absolutely amazing. Love each of them to death. It does help that they’re an extremely photogenic bunch, but I’m completely obsessed with our photographer. She did such a great job of capturing all the emotions of the day. So much fun. 

And off to the lavender fields to take some photos of just Tom and I! So. Freaking. Magical. At this point, I was seriously getting cold and hungry… but you wouldn’t know it! The photos turned out unbelievably well!

Might have been my favorite moment of the day… our entrance into the reception! We walked in to “Good Life” by One Republic, and everyone we loved (with the exception of both of our Grandmas and my dog), was sitting in one place, smiling and clapping to the beat while we entered. The room was overflowing with love and genuine excitement for us. 

A floral wreath that held the place cards with table assignments for each guest. Each place card had the guests full name, with Tom and I’s custom wax seal on top. This floral wreath later on turned into a Photo Booth!

Table settings were decided on at the tasting a couple of months prior. We decided on an oatmeal colored, velvet table cloth with vintage silverware. The glasses were all hand-etched with floral motifs, and of course we had tons of gorgeous flowers and candles! 

The speeches were all so well written and touching… and I’m not saying that because I’m biased. My dad, my man of honor, and Tom’s best man all gave most likely the best speeches of all time. My dad’s was touching, loving, and sincere… reflecting on old memories and well wishes for our future together. The best man’s was HYSTERICAL while still being touching. My man of honor’s speech was honest, loving, emotional, and filled with memories. 

For our first dance, we waltzed to “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. We practiced for a bit and added some choreography at the end. It was so special, and now we have a “wedding dance” that we still practice all the time! 

My dad and I did a fast waltz to “I Loved Her First” by Heartland. The lyrics are so perfect for us, and we’e been waltzing together since I could walk! I used to stand on his toes and we’d waltz, so we figured we could handle a fast waltz with a little bit of Viennese Waltz thrown it at the end! 

Tom and his mom danced to “Somewhere over the Rainbow”.

Our simple, but gorgeous wedding cake! 

And the cake has been cut! To be honest, it is a lot harder than it looks, cutting a wedding cake. We ended up cutting this tiny sliver that was impossible to actually even pick up! Ha, but the picture turned out fine… that’s all that matters 😉

Tom gave a wonderful speech… thanking the parents of course, as well as acknowledging everyone who traveled so far! Some from Europe! 

We ended the night dancing to “Shut up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. Everyone clapped and helped to lead us off the dance floor and into our golf cart that escorted us to our suite! At this point, my feet were KILLING me, but I danced through the pain. Best night of my life!