Our Engagement Story

This blog has been in the works for a while. I’ve been stopping and starting, trying to juggle life around to get it up and running. Well, today’s the day! I thought my first post should be what originally inspired me to write a blog… my engagement story : )

Tom had promised me a trip up to Mendocino (a small coastal town in Northern California) for my birthday present a few months ago. Most people have never heard of it… but my parents always tell us stories of their trip up there, and how it was one of the most romantic places they’ve ever traveled to. Naturally, we had to go! With both of our hectic schedules, we had trouble finding a time that worked for both of us, so it just kept getting pushed back. Eventually, he booked it and said clear your schedule, we’re going!

I should start off by saying I had NO idea that the proposal was going to happen on this trip. Tom is such a horrible liar that I thought for sure I’d be able to read him like a book… but nope! Full of surprises. We flew into SFO, rented a car, and took off on our 3 hour long car ride over the Golden Gate bridge and through the Redwood forest. Let me just say, I’m a TOTAL southern California girl…born and raised… but I was completely awestruck by the natural beauty of Northern California. After 3 short hours, we arrived at the cutest, most amazing bed and breakfast I’ve ever been to. If you guys ever go to Mendocino, you must look into the Agate Cove Inn! If you stay in the Emerald room, you’ll see Tom and I have signed the guest book : )

Hand kisses while driving are the best kind : )


The cutest Bed and Breakfast ever!


Tom being a gentleman with the luggage as usual : )

The first evening, we took it easy. We went to a nice, candlelit meal and planned out our next couple of days. After dinner we grabbed one of our favorite movies, The Notebook (ok maybe not one of Tom’s favorites, but mine), and had a wine night! We actually tried some organic wine, which is what Mendocino is famous for, and it was seriously amazing. The Notebook and organic wine? Literally my kind of night.

The next day we woke up and decided to hit all of the “tourist” spots. We walked through the Mendocino botanical gardens which were absolutely stunning. Acres filled with all types of flowers sitting on a seaside bluff. We walked all the way to the end (you know you’re at the end because you hit the ocean) and all the way back! After the gardens we went to Glass Beach which is a beach entirely made up of sea glass! That was awesome… so different than beaches where I’m from. We went from Glass Beach to the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse which was also super cool to see. Word of advice… you can totally drive to the lighthouse. There were signs saying we couldn’t so we played it safe and ended up walking like a mile there and back in the freezing cold but whaaatever!


Wandering through the Botanical Gardens


Glass Beach! No sand, just sea glass!

That evening, we went to a fancy dinner at the Ravens restaurant which is an organic, healthy, vegan type spot. When we got back to our hotel room, I decided that I would go into the main lobby and make myself some tea and popcorn to bring back to the room. I asked Tom if he wanted to come, but he said no. In retrospect, a little weird… but at the time I didn’t really think about it. I made myself some tea and popcorn and came back into the room and I still cannot describe to you guys what I saw. I’ll sum it up as about a million candles and hundreds of flower petals leading me to different points throughout the room. I can’t tell you much more because Tom and I made a pact to keep that moment just between us for the rest of our lives… but I can say that it was the most perfect moment of my life. To be honest I think I partially blacked out because I was so happy… but I do remember most of what he said (I think), and I have never felt more loved or at peace in my whole life. We celebrated with some champagne (which he already had on ice…nice work Tom!), and decided to hold off on calling everyone until the morning.

The beginning of the trail of flowers : )


The most beautiful memory book that Tom hand-made

The next morning, we decided to call all of our immediate family before doing anything else. As I started to roll down the list of people to call, I realized that literally EVERYONE knew that this was happening but me. My mom helped him custom design the ring so she has known for months… there wouldn’t be a wedding if he hadn’t have asked my dad’s permission first… and my best friend Bryan and his ENTIRE family flew out from the east coast to say congratulations! Tom’s family, all of my cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends have known about this for a long time. Everyone that I’m closest to lied to me for months! What the heck guys!


Coffee the next morning with my FIANCE!! : )


After we called everyone we needed to call, we went down to Big River to go canoeing. We spent about 2 hours canoeing (which was SO awesome), and then had to get ready to get back to the airport to catch our flight! It was a short trip, but one of the most amazingly unique trips I’ve ever been on. I will absolutely be back to Mendocino one day… but as for now, all I can think about is how excited I am for our future together.


The first “engaged” couple selfie : )

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