Tucson, here I come!

After the most ridiculous flight delay of my life, 2 iced coffees, and a security guard yelling at me… I finally made it!! Why Tucson? Well, there’s a huge gemstone trade show held in Tucson at this time every year where stone sources from all over the world come to talk to jewelers about all of their new “mine finds”. This is obviously huge for me, because gemstones are a huge part of our business! The reason I’m going however, yes is to hear about their new discoveries, but is mostly to discuss with each source the details of their mining process. I am obviously very passionate about making sure everything we sell is ethically sourced, and I personally don’t think there’s any way to really know if each source is ethical until you talk to them, face to face, and hear all about their process.

Day one down, and I’ve already found some REALLY cool new product! Best part? I discussed at length this source’s entire process from mine to finished product, and it definitely meets my standards for being socially and eco-conscious! They own the mines they work out of, cut each stone in-house, and sell directly to us. Not too many middle-men means no chance of anything sketchy happening along the way. Yes! So, so excited to bring you guys some new product.

Just a little sneak peak of one of my favorites…rough cut, labradorite… each one individually handmade!

After a long day walking the show and meeting up with some business contacts, my mom and I wanted to just take it easy tonight. We got dinner and a drink at the Starr Pass resort, watched an amazing sunset, and called it a night. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has to offer!

Just after sunset : )



Fire and wine is the best combo ever.



Goodnight, Tucson.