Valentines Day: The Best Yet

Well, this was Tom and I’s third Valentines day together and we weren’t quite sure how to spend it! Ideally, we would’ve really loved to travel, but with Tom and I both having to work the next day, that seemed a bit unrealistic. So, pretty much meant we were staying in San Diego! I didn’t want to just go out to dinner or go out to a movie with the million other couples going out that day, so I set Tom a $100 budget and said good luck!

After work, we dropped off some chocolates and a card for my dad (always my valentine), and I came home to this! Tom, you blew me away. The best Valentines Day ever! No matter what your budget, I highly recommend trying this for your next V-day. Candles, blanket, rose petals, strawberries and whipped cream, wine, and The Notebook! Us girls eat this stuff up : )

The Setup : )

Cheers, xo